Monday, December 8, 2008

My Life

2day was the day i moving to my new house.
Honestly i say, i really can forget all the things that ever happened to me, but, there is one thing i cannot forget... No matter how, i also cannot find the way of how to wipe it OFF from my memory, i really don't know what should i do sometimes, but, whatever, life's still carry ON... The only thing that i cannot forget for THE whole of my LIFE IS my first love.. really want to d@Mn it!!
Have you ever fall in love with someone?
if u did, I'm sure you know how i feel.....................................
First love is the most important love in our life, but, for MOST of the time, we simply just WANNA ignore it and saying that first love 100% will fail... is that true??
i also cannot give the answer...bcoz i was failed in my first love TOOOOOOO....Actually, my true first love was not an ordinary first love, bcoz the one that made me found WHAT is LOVE was the one that i was secretly loving her... and Nobody knows about that, Only myself!!! The sad thing is, i nvr put any effort to do the thing that i should do at that time, mayb is bcoz i was stil young gua... and now i pretty regret, bcoz do not have the chance to say " I LOVE YOU " to the girl that i truly LOVE.......... haiz!!!!i knew that i don't that chance anymore!!
Well, wat to do, IS OUT DESTINY TO BE LIKE THAT!! IT IS THE GOD'S WILL.. suck!!!..
wELL.. ok for 2nite... lazy wan write liao!! To be continued....