Thursday, October 22, 2009

Mt. Santubong, Sarawak

My last hiking was on Jun,2009 if not mistaken, with my internship colleagues. Well, that was my fourth time to the submit of Mt. Santubong, and i think it was the most painful one, LOL!! Because it took about 4hours+ to the summit.

They are my colleagues. The photo was taken at the starting point, actually there are two different starting but lead to the same summit. One of the starting point, takes longer time to reach the summit, which is the one that we chose.
If you chose the longer path, you can see a waterfall look like below.
Sometimes, there are people bathing at there, because the water is very refreshing and clean!

Mt. Santubong, you will have to across several peak, before reaching the summit, so there are a lot of UP and DOWN during your hiking.
This is the longest ladder, kinda dangerous!

What you can see at the summit.
A view like this and if it is not a cloudy day, you can see the Sarawak river and Kuching city(with a binocular) clearly.
The statue, but I do not what is that for? Maybe it was leftover by the Japanese at the past, or just as a memory of somebody, who knows? I forgot to read the description.
The funny thing is, we 8 persons went hiking together,but just 4 persons reached the summit, of course i was one of them, LOL!!
This is what happen if there is girl in your team! LOL!! But the most funniest thing is, three boys cannot reach the summit. How sucks.....

That's all.
Stop blogging for few days as a preparation for my final examination!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Final on the corner!!

Is almost the end of the semester and i got one more semester to go, how fast?
I have been here for almost three years and my Univeristy's life almost ends...

Just like a blink of eyes, and my final examination is on next week.

Time always passing without any stop point, we cannot rewind the time not stop the time.
We are getting older everyday day but we just never realize that.
Until someday, when you look at the mirror, and you will know that you are old already.

One year, two years, .. ten years is passing by all the time.
And by that time you will like to use the words, "The time when i was young......"

That's the routine of our lives and nobody can change that no matter how advanced you are in technology nowadays.
We live to communicate, enjoy, ..... die. That's the thing that can across my mind all the time!!!

Basically, if we are not religious, then life is just all about ENJOYING!!
If you are religious, then you will have fulfill something according to your religion!!

But, think back, if one day you die miserably, would you satisfy with you life?
But, after we close our eyes, I really got no idea what is going to happen next? or just close like that, nothing gonna happen and it just we have a sleep that never ends?

Opss, I have go too far, erm talk about my final examination! LOL

Let's get back to the topic, FINAL!!
OMG, I really not yet prepare for that.....
But my final timetable really sucks wat?
27th October got 2 subjects then rest for almost 2 weeks for the next subject on 9th November.
And lastly my last subject is on 11th November and after that, I'M GOING HOME, YAY!!

Waiting that day....
Cannot everyday update my blog before 12th November....
That's all!!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Free MP3 download

Soon, i will put free Mp3 download on my blog.

Because i found a site that let us upload our files, such as video, music, and etc.
We can make money from there by uploading files.

But, must have somebody to download it.
For each download, you will get 30cents to 60cents as stated on the site.

Which site I am talking about?
Well, it is

I have uploaded some songs, but so far no download yet, because i have not share my link with others.

Take a look at the picture below, that's the site!

Try to download this song, Rihana-TeAmo
Help me to prove that the site is trustworthy, not cheating people!

So, let's join shareCash together.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Amazing basketball shooter!!

Last few days, i went to Genting highland to go through my Deepavali.

While passing by the genting arcade game center after left the casino, i saw one hilarious guy playing the arcade basketball shooting machine with excellent skill and i recorded a short video clip, take a look!!!

Take a look at the final score, WOW.. how to do that..
last time i ever tried to play this kind of game, but i just managed to score over 100 points only, compared to this guy, 600+!
The final score is 641!

Well, the best score that i ever seen live was 720++, but sad i forgot to record it!

That's all!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Bad Luck....

That was really bad news and also was my first time...
Being offended for illegal parking, WTH!!

Just now, when i have just finished my class and went to take my moto, suddenly, i found a red colour paper stuck on my moto, and i was wondering what exactly was that.....

After read all the information stated on that paper, i just knew that I have been offended for illegal parking. That was really shocked me, because i never know that place was not a legal parking slot.

What can i do next? Well, it is not a big deal actually, because the one that gave the offence was not the real traffic policeman but just the college security guard and also called as traffic policeman in the college.

After paid offence for RM20, then the problem settled already. Haiz, wasted RM20~~

Sugababes - Get Sexy

This song is very nice. I like it!
Try to listen to it!! ~~

Together with its lyric

When I'm dancin' in the club, they say "hey sexy!",
When I'm drivin' in my car, or I'm standin' at the bar,
It don't matter where I are, they say "hey sexy!",

Silly boys, they lovin' me so much,
Silly boys, you can look but you can't touch,
Silly boys, I ain't got no time to talk,
Silly boys, just shut up and watch me walk!

Cause I'm too sexy in this club, too sexy in this club,
So sexy it hurts.
If you feel sexy in this club, then go head toast it up, and get down, let's get sexy right now!
Get sexy right now.
Get sexy right now.
Get sexy right now.

When I'm shoppin' with my girls, they say "hey sexy!",
In a two-piece at the beach, they say "hey sexy!",
Wanna put me on they arms, so they maximize the charms, cause I'm shining' like a star, yeah I'm so sexy.

Silly boys, they lovin' me so much,
Silly boys, you can look but you can't touch,
Silly boys, I ain't got no time to talk,
Silly boys, just shut up and watch me walk!

Cause I'm too sexy in this club, too sexy in this club,
So sexy it hurts.
If you feel sexy in this club, then go head toast it up, and get down, let's get sexy right now!
Get sexy right now.
Get sexy right now.
Get sexy right now.

If I had a dime, for every single time, these boys stop and stare, I'd be a billionaire! x2

Cause I'm too sexy in this club, too sexy in this club,
So sexy it hurts.
If you feel sexy in this club, then go head toast it up, and get down, let's get sexy right now!
Get sexy right now.
Get sexy right now.
Get sexy right now.

Today quite busy, so just post a song!.....
Will have more interesting update SOON!!!!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

How to add navigation bar on your blog?

To make your blog look more cool and interesting, try to add navigation bar on it.

First of all, COPY the following code:

/* ----- NavBar----- */
#bg_nav {
background: #000;
width: 650px;
height: 32px;
font-size: 12px;
font-family: Arial, Tahoma, Verdana;
color: #FF4;
font-weight: bold;
margin: 0px auto 0px;
padding: 0px;
border-top: 1px solid #fff;
border-bottom: 1px solid #000;
overflow: hidden;

#bg_nav a, #bg_nav a:visited {
color: #FFF;
font-size: 11px;
text-decoration: none;
text-transform: uppercase;
padding: 0px 0px 0px 3px;

#bg_nav a:hover {
color: #FFF;
text-decoration: underline;
padding: 0px 0px 0px 3px;

#navleft {
width: 720px;
float: left;
margin: 0px;
padding: 0px;

#navright {
width: 220px;
font-size: 11px;
float: right;
margin: 0px;
padding: 6px 5px 0px 0px;

#navright a img {
border: none;
margin: 0px;
padding: 0px;

#nav {
margin: 0px;
padding: 0px;
list-style: none;

#nav ul {
margin: 0px;
padding: 0px;
list-style: none;

#nav a, #nav a:visited {
background: #222;
color: #FFF;
display: block;
font-weight: bold;
margin: 0px;
padding: 8px 15px;
border-left: 1px solid #000;

#nav a:hover {
background: #6e6d6d;
color: #FFFFFF;
margin: 0px;
padding: 8px 15px;
text-decoration: none;

#nav li {
float: left;
margin: 0px;
padding: 0px;

#nav li li {
float: left;
margin: 0px;
padding: 0px;
width: 150px;

#nav li li a, #nav li li a:link, #nav li li a:visited {
background: #333;
width: 160px;
float: none;
margin: 0px;
padding: 7px 30px 7px 10px;
border-bottom: 1px solid #000;
border-left: 1px solid #000;
border-right: 1px solid #000;

#nav li li a:hover, #nav li li a:active {
background: #666;
padding: 7px 30px 7px 10px;

#nav li ul {
position: absolute;
width: 10em;
left: -999em;

#nav li:hover ul {
left: auto;
display: block;

#nav li:hover ul, #nav li.sfhover ul {
left: auto;

Look at the red colour code, you can adjust the width to make it look perfect. Actually, if you know a bit about HTML code, you can edit the code as you like. The colours, the style and everything.

Now find the following code:
Paste the code that you have copied just now to before the code code shown above.

Next copy the code by clicking the link CODE then, paste it after the following code:
Note that the one before this one is paste before the above code, and the CODE is paste after the above code.
The code that you copy should look like this:-

From here, you have to put your favorite link to the "put your link here" and the "name to be displayed" is the name that will appear on your blog.
You always can add more navigation tap by copy and paste the
Well, that's all for my first tutorial on "Blogging Tips"
Hope you will like it ^^
Stay tuned!!!!

New feature added!


Is the first picture same as the second one?
The pictures are the snapshot of my blog header before and after some changes.
Can you spot out what is the difference?

Is kinda obvious right? Just in case you do not know what is the difference, look at the top on the picture, then you can easily found the "new feature" that I added few days ago.

Have you ever heard about "Navigation"?
What is navigation means?
Well, the new feature that I added to my blog header is the navigation bar.
What is that for?

From its name, we know that it directs us to some other place.
in term of blogging or website, navigation bar is the link that we saved into another words, so that we can easily navigate or go to that link page or site.

In order to put a simple navigation bar into our blog, some skills about HTML is required. But, understanding those HTML stuff are time consuming and is not easy to write it.
So, i have decided to add "Blogging Tips" in my future post to aid you to modify your blog to a more professional blog.

Navigation bar is not just look cook for a descent blogger, but it help reader to understand your blog better. Means that they can easily access to your older post with just a click on the navigation bar.

My first post on "Blogging Tips" will be "how to add a navigation bar in your blog".
My "Blogging Tips" still empty in the mean time!
That's all!

Stay tuned......

Friday, October 9, 2009

MY new iPod!

I think everyone would like to have an iPod same as me too!
The iPod that I am talking about is not a real iPod as the one you use it to listen to music everywhere, but......

Well, Take a look at the left panel of my blog.
Found something light blue in colour?
Something looks like the one below:

YAY, That is my new iPod bought from, it does not cost me a cent, just simply register an account will do.

Basically, it is a virtual iPod that automatically play music every time you visit my blog. Every time you visit my blog, a kind of different song will be played as it shuffles all the songs in my play-list.

Music can enhance our reading, make our blog more interesting and even ourselves as a blogger will more likely to post more interesting stuffs when know our blogs are interesting.

The problem, what is the suitable music? I have saved 6 songs in the mean time, but i do not know it is the suitable music for reading? So, please leave a comment on the songs that i have chosen or give me some suggestions on what kind of song is suitable.

Lastly, thanks to to provide such a great service for FREE.
Get yourself and your blog for a free iPod now. Actually, you can choose a lot of different kinds of skins provided, but i just like the iPod skin, LOOKS INTERESTING.

Monday, October 5, 2009

MOST "Red Alert" problem recently!

Guess what?
Everything is possible in this modern society nowadays.
The humans' mind are too MIRACLE, anything impossible will become possible someday as human keep advancing in technology and thinking.

Today, I want to share some information about the most popular communicating medium, Facebook and Msn live messenger.
I do not go for twitter, because i do not really like that even though i have twitter account. Maybe it is too passive, not attracting enough for the teenager like me. I think twitter more to FACTS.......

Let's take a look at the Facebook and Live messenger problem.

1) Facebook account problem.

2) WIndow live messenger VIRUS?.

Last few weeks, every time I try to log in my facebook account and after logged on, it auto log out for me and showed the following message:
and if i try to log in again, no problem encountered.
When i try to comment on my friends status or trying to play a game/application, it showed:
Wow.. I was doing that thing again and again and really thought that my account has been hacked.

I even reported to admin@facebook, but so far no action taken.
Last week, my friend told me he ever faced that problem last time, and the solution was....
What the hell... after that, i never log in facebook using firefox anymore and now I am using Safari, from!

Window Live Messenger:
This problem I think everyone has some experiences about it.
Do you ever received the messages send by your friends in your Window live messenger friend list that included LINK?

For instance, suddenly you received a message from your friend written " By clicking the link below to view more photo about me. " And they can send you any kinds of messages that possibly attract you to click on the link.

Tell you what, IF you really click on the link, or accidentally clicked on, you account will be hacked too! What does the "HACK" means in this situation. Once you account has been hacked, you are still able to use your account, but it will automatically log out sometimes. Every time you auto logged out, some of your friends in your friend list will receive some weird link, just like the one that you ever received or different one.

Why some people want to hack your account? For what reason?
Well, the reason is very simple, they simply want to promote their site or product by sending messages to world. They actually not interesting on your account, but they just make it as a medium to spread information.. illegally.....

Solution to this problem is quite easy, simple change your account password. IF after you changed your password, and accidentally clicked on the link again, change again your password, but do not use the same password.

Well, that's all for this time post!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Penang second TRIP~~

Well well...
Is been some times since my last update on my blog.

Today, bring to you PENANG again.

Here is the place where i have stayed for 4days and 3 nights.
This is the house.
The living room.
The bedroom size is as thrice as the bedroom on my rent house, d@Mn big!

For the 4days and 3nights, i have been to shopping, watching movies, clubbing, EAT, and .......

First of all, the Penang "AutoCity"!
What is AutoCity means?
Actually, i also do not know, LOL!!
There have a lot of different kinds of shops, restaurants, .... The design is Marvelous!!!
We can find almost everything at there.

Introducing the three g@ys~~ LOls
Stars of the day!! ~~

Erm, nothing much to post, because Penang is just like that, no more no less!!
Most of the interesting places i already posted on my older posts.........

Penang, for me is just the FOOD paradise, where you can find a lot of different TASTY food with lowest possible prices.... Night life, for those who like to clubbing! That's all!!!!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Mesra mall - Kerteh

Mesra Mall, known to be the biggest shopping mall on east coast of malaysia, located in kerteh, Terengganu. It was opened on 10 October 2008.
They described Mesra Mall as "Pearl of the East and a prominent shopping complex in the East Coast that opens its door to the entire family and also people from all walks of life".

I have been there for two or three times, but sadly the entertainment section is still under construction.
The second time i went there was on July this year, expecting to watch a movie there or play bowling, but, when i walked to the movie and bowling section, it written "COMING SOON".

Well, just forget that.
Now, share you some informations about Mesra Mall.

First of all, how to get there?
Below is a brief map showing the road to Mesra Mall, i think it is very easy to get there.
View from the outside, it is very very "LONG", the entrance is at the middle.
Entrance of Mesra Mall. Opss, my finger covered the bottom left of the photo, LOL!!!
From the inside. There are many famous shops inside Mesra Mall, like Giant hypermarket, Giordano, Secret recipe, Carlo Rino, and etc.
Burger King also can be found there..
Now move to the entertainment and sport section. This is the inner part, which is the sport center. You can find squash, Futsal, and etc.
This is the cinema and U-Bowling section, but still under construction. Last time they promised to open in mid of 2009. But now 2009 almost ends, still haven't opened. HOW SUCKS...

Well, basically, that's all.
From my observation, Mesra Mall is quite "SILENT" which means that less people will go there.
Maybe is because its location, it is easy to find indeed but it is very far. Depends on where are you at. If you are from Kerteh, of course it it near, but if you are from Kuala Terengganu, it takes about 2 hours to go there.

For more information, you can visit MesraMall website
That's all.

Erm.. Hectic life

Recently really quite busy until do not have the time to blogging, busy with my final year project, assignments, silly tests, and etc..

My mind also quite "BLANK", do not what i really want.
Time is passes too fast, sometimes too slow.
Well, it does not matter.....
Fast or slow, it will pass also, right?

Now, i really felt that i am getting old.
Wow, turned out into 23 years old just like a blink of eyes.

What else can i expect from my life?
Very confusing sometimes........
I also getting lazy, day by day.. Haiz!
Lazy to do assignments, to cook, to do sport, to read, the worst is lazy to eat, LOL!!!

Erm, i have tried to change my bad habit, but, it just not that easy!
Maybe i still need time, do not know until when....
So, let the time tells!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Is been sometimes since last posting on my blog,
Not because I'm busy, but just simply lazy.

My holiday just lasted for 3 days, a very very short holiday!
But now, at here(Terengganu) i still having my holiday, just meaningless!!!!!!!

Well, there were nothing much things that I have done during the 3 days holiday!
Actually, that holiday was mainly for my brother convocation@Unimas.

Sadly, i do not have the photos of it, i just got the photo of my friends convocation.
HOW BAD...............

During my holiday, i went shopping alone, because all of my friends busy with their own stuffs.
Sometimes shopping alone also nice what? lol...
Can buy whatever you likes, you wants ..... no ppl will give you comment.

I also have watched a movie with my internship colleagues, G.I Joe! midnight show!
That movie was not bad, but just d@MN sucks! the fighting scenes are still acceptable, just not too real, look like fake one.. LOL! I wonder why a lot of people like it sooooo much! =="

Hanging out with friends, talking nonsense, that's my favorite, LOL!

Well, after attended some friends convocations, i felt that convocation is not FUN at all.
Maybe is because i do not have any special feeling on it, convo or not, are the same for me!

I knew why many people like to convo, because it is the end of University's life! except if you wan to further to master degree.
Their hard-works, their efforts, and they put everything just to graduate with so called "FLYING COLOR RESULT"
Well, is not all of the university students are like that, but mostly i think...

I am different, i never put any effort, hard-work, or anything for my result!!
For most of the time, i just simply answer the exam questions with no high expectation to get "A"
maybe is because i really do not know why I AM HERE?

Sometimes, i will try study a bit, just to win the others, defeat the one that i hate, dislike!

ERm, just forget that! LOL!

That's all!!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Learning to give up....

I knew i have been said these words "GIVE UP" so many times!
But, until now i still failed to do so, what the heck?

If we act with our heart, we die..
but, it is too hard to control the heart!

Sometimes i really wondering, until when i can really grow up?
Is it the time matter? Age? not enough experiences?

not really, sometimes i can think very very well..

After recover from the first ever most SERIOUS sickness i ever had yesterday, i think my mind changed a lot !!

I realized that i really lack of many things, skills, or knowledge.
I dun really know how to take care of myself when I'm sick! d@Mn.

One that cannot take care of himself how to take care of other people?
That's sucks.........
That's why i will my really best to give up on GIRL, for now!!
Of course is not forever... LOL!

K, that's all!


Wow, after 5 days of sickness, finally recovered!

This is the first time i sick for that long, really d@Mn painful......
I think i have taken about 30+ tablets of paracetamols, + some cough liquid, + vitamin C, + vomit medicine... IT REALLY KILLING ME~~

Erm, i think im not fully recovered yet, because still got a bit dizzy and headache, haiz!
Maybe i have to take some more rest and rest and rest, but resting is very sucks, nothing to do, make my brain think here think there, LOL!!!

First first, i thought i got the nowadays famous virus, H1N1 or so called SWINE flu, wow, really scare me! Until now i also not very sure how's the H1N1 looks like, but i got no interest on it, jsut forget it, hahas!

That's all

Thursday, July 16, 2009

UMT convocation!

Yea, today went to attend the Convocation of my seniors together with the Convo festival!
It was quite crowded by the time i reached there, because i was late l think....

Next year is my turn, but i do not really expect much on it, don't know why....

Well, as usual, i took some photos of the scenes.....
Let's take a look...

This was the situation when the time i reached there, totally crowded! Look at the cars, all around the road....
After parked the car, we walked to the place where all graduands gather..
Everyone with their happy faces..... Really happy?

Now, inside the "Dewan Sultan Mizan"
Is this the graduands want? or flowerS?
Now the Convo festival~~
Quite silent here, because it was late already....
Behind is the chancellery building of UMT..
There got a lot of different stalls selling different things, got foods, souvenirs, etc...

Erm, this one can call as my senior la... we from quite the same course!

Lastly, UMT... look nice right? hahas
That's alL!!