Thursday, April 30, 2009

My new blogging time..

I was in the office since last monday, so, blogging time also changed a lot!

Actually i'm waiting my streamyx to come.. LOL!
Now, i cannot write or read any blogs at night, because no internet connection at home yet. aiks...!
But, it will be over soon, as long as i got my streamyx, LOL!

Now in office, do not know want to post what also, all my information left in my laptop.. Now using the company dekstop.. d@mn slow! =.=

What to do? office's life sucks!
everyday got nothing to do, just online and help colleagues do a bit work.. WTF!!

Everyday from 830am to 530 pm.. do nothing! lol
Maybe it just the starting la, maybe next week will be more busy, hopefully!

that's all!
Dunno want write what, bcoz dun hv the mood!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Working in office? Microsft virtual PC!

This is the second day for my internship.. ERM!
Same as yesterday, waiting task from my supervisor.. but never comes... =.=

Yesterday, one of my colleague taught me how to format a new window in existing window.
What does that means?

Well, Erm, how to explain?
ok... Let's say you are using window XP how, and your computer or laptop performance are GOOD enough, minimum 1.5GB of RAM and core duo processor maybe!

Now you can try to format a new window in your existing window by using Microsoft virtual PC,
is a some kinds of software that allow you to run a new window in your existing window without shutdown the window!

After you install the virtual window, you can use two windows together, WOW, sounds nice? HAHA!

Well, that's all!
Tomorrow post again!

Monday, April 27, 2009

New life?

Finally im back... TO MY HOMETOWN! Lol..
I'm back blogging again...

Now in office, training! SAD!
This is my first day of training and my supervisor told me that just get use to your computer and there's nothing you need to do for today! aiks..

That's boring, but what can i do?

Yea, that's all for now!
In the office, not dare to post so many things, LOL!
Have to wait my streamyx done, think is around friday!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

10 things you should know abot life!

Life is a miracle.
There are many things that we should do and should not do!

In our lives, many things, bad or good will come toward us all the time.
Actually, everything is depends on us, on how we treat it.

Now, i list out 10 things that we should do in our lives.
Things that we should now do, think it by yourself!

Let's begins!

1) Always do the right things.
2) Try your best to avoid anything that is not useful, beautiful or joyful.
3) Always bear in mind that, no matter how good or bad a situation is, it will change one day.
4) Everything you awake alive in the morning or afternoon, always thanks GOD for it, because someone can never wake up :(
5) Deep inside our body is always happy. So, always be happy.
6) No matter how you feel, get up, dress up and show up all the time.
7) Appreciate every minutes you have.
8) Appreciate everybody surrounding you, your friends, your family, and even strangers.
9) Do not think that you are alone in the world, because nobody is alone! we all have each others.
10) For religious person always pray to GOD, for those that are not religious, be confident with yourself that WE ARE HERE for a reason.

Well, that's all that can come across my mind for the mean time!
Will have more update about that i come out with new IDEAs!

That's all for today!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Penang, Gurney drive!

Today i'll post about Penang again!
Ever heard about gurney drive? Gurney plaza?

Gurney drive is a street beside gurney plaza in Penang, is a FOOD paradise!
You can find a lot of different kinds of foods there! Variety of Drinks as well.
Penang "char kuey teow" , "laksa" , and ets...
"coconut milk", "tauhu fa(flower of tauhu?)", and etc

Let's take a look at some photos that i snapped during my trips to Penang...

Even though it is not what HIGH class restaurant, BUT the food there d@Mn nice!
There are a lot of STALLS selling different kinds of foods and drinks...
The building that you can see on behind is the gurney plaze.. Not so clear.. enlarge to see more clearly!
This is the street facing gurney drive and plaza, IS like waterfront, because it is all along the sea.. Is a dating paradise, d@Mn many couples dating at there... =.=
Erm.. this one is on the roundabout near gurney plaza and drive... just for decoration i think .. XD!

Well, that's all!
I still got a few post about Penang, food and interesting place to visit in Penang!
Stay Tune.....

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Penang update.. PUB..

Well, during my last trip to Penang, we went penang pub also, LOL!

Actually,we did not know where are the penang pubs situated, so i called one of my course mate came from penang, he said it just by the corner of Gurney Drive...

And i just followed what he said, finally found nothing.. NOT EVEN a pub.. WTF!

On the folowing day, my friend relative drive us to walk around at Indian street and chinatown, on the way saw where exactly the penang pub situated.. WOW!

What my course mate said was true, BUT, there are two different gurney drive at penang, one old one NEW. =.=

I also snapped some photos of penang pub street!! hahas!
Just take a look!

This is the view where you can see from the penang pub street..
F.A.M.E a penang pub, we we did not get in there...
Now, this is the one that we entered. MOMO, nice name huh? LOlx...
Inside there quite big, but that day was thursday, so no much people inside!! =.=
Thing you should know about MOMO, can you see the poster there? on the right side.. It written "boogie show, every wednesday and friday" WTF, i was in there thursday, so frankly i missed such interesting show.. d@Mn!
The waiter also asked me, if you got any female friends want to participate in that show, ask them came over here and register, the grand price is RM1000! LOL...
But i did not recommend any of my friends....

Well, that's all!
Time to study again... exam exam exam... d@Mn!

Friday, April 17, 2009

CAT? Great photo of CATS...

Today bring to you some amazing cats... LOLx..

Actually i like to snap photos around!
Every time i gone to dinner, for sure i can meet some cats around that restaurant..

So, i just simply take out my HP and snap the photo.. Lolx..
Well, just take a look at some cats...

Is it a cat or a mouse?RAT? it was d@Mn small in size....
How about this one? If it is without the long legs, definitely is RAT...wth!
This Black cat look terrible.. ==
Now the last one, the cutest cats among all the photos.. haha!

Well, that's all!
Not really got the mood to post.. haha!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Terengganu tasty FOOD>..

Well, today bring to you Food again..

Ever heard about "nasi lemak" ?
For Malaysian, sure they do... If translated into English, is like "FAT rice" LOL..

Actually, we cannot simply translate the Malays word into English, right?

Ok, now! the "nasi lemak"!
It was from a coffee shop call "HOT HOT"
It is very famous in here!
Location, erm.. is nearing to the Sultan Mizan stadium, where SUKMA held!
You can go there from the stadium by simply a leisure walk, 10 minutes maybe..

Just take a look at the pictures..

Even though it was just small MaMak stall, But the foods at there are extremely delicious.. hahas!

That's all!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Kuala Terengganu!

Today, bring to you the Kuala Terengganu, which is the capital of Terengganu!
Last week, nothing to do so snapped some KT photos..
Just take a look!

First of all, ENLARGE the photo, if not you cannot see it clearly.. the red circle showing the Kuala Terengganu town... d@MN small right?
This one also same.. just take a clear LOOK...

If you got chance to come here, do not hesitate to find me, i can bring you walk around. hahas!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

10 things that you have to take consideration of...!

There are many things that we should do and we should not...
I am trying my best to list it out...
Even though just 10, but i think it pretty enough....

Please read it carefully....

1) Do not compare your life with others', you have no idea what their journey is all about!
2) Try to avoid negative thought or thing that you cannot control, cause it may brings you down!
3) Do not over do it, give yourself a limit!
4) Do not take yourself too serious, cause no one else does.
5) Prevent gossip.
6) Try to avoid extreme daydreaming.
7) Hating people is a waste of time, in fact we do not have much time in our lives!
8) Win or lose is just a matter of fact, do not care too much about that. If no people lose, there is no win as well!
9) Taking life as a school and you are on the way to learn. Problems are simply part of the curriculum that appear and face away like mathematics class but the lessons you learn will last a lifetime!
10) Do not envy other people, cause it is a waste of time. Actually you have all you need!

Well, always remember that "yesterday is a history, tomorrow is a gift"
Nothing is impossible in the world, even though not everything is perfect!
Everyone born with its own Weakness and POTENTIAL..
Figure out your weakness and try your best to change it...
Realize your potential and do not waste it!

Life is not as LONG as you thought, it may ends at anytime! Today? Tomorrow? Next week? Next year? Even 50 years later! Nobody will know!
So, appreciate every minutes you got.....

That's all!
comment if you like..

Youthsays? what is that?

Today, my friend introduced me a kind of survey that can generate money for us...
Sounds interesting? OF course, is money, MAN!

This kind of stuff is very easy to play!
First of all, what you need to do is just click on the link below, then follow my instruction:

After you clicked on the link above, just register and activate you account in your e-mail.
Then, simply answer some profile surveys(questions) and you will get RM 0.70..
Even though it just a small amount, but you do nothing for that.. right? hahas!

the next thing you need to do is go find your friends to join this Youthsays and for each friend you referred using the link provided, you will get extra RM0.20!

Is also not a big amount, but if you got 100 friends, you can get RM20 already..
I do not think that nowadays youth got less than 100 friends.. bear in mind that, everybody you meet in your daily life can be your friend... That's how business done!

Beside that, there are some surveys available everyday. By taking each of the survey, you can gain RM0.15 to RM 1.00! Imagine that if you are taking 5 survey everyday, the minimum that you can get is above RM3... and IF you got time to do more, the more money you can generate!

After you reached RM50 in your account, you can request to withdraw your money using cheque, is an easy and convenient way.

So ,register now before too late, because now getting more and more people join this YOUTHSAYS survey!

Spend 1hour everyday, it maybe bring different to your future life! Think about that!!

That's all!

Monday, April 13, 2009

The blogger awards!

Well, this morning i received this "THE BLOGGER AWARDS" from Cornelius !
First of all, Thanks Cornelius, i really appreciate it! HAHAs...
What exactly is this trophy for?
Yups, it is to encourage bloggers to continue blogging, to post more interesting post... LOL..
I also dunno how to describe it!
Cornelius said we need to pass this awards to the bloggers that you think are amazing, LOL!
BUT, he had passed to most of the blogger that i want to pass on to.. so just left a few..

those are:
Falcon , Pikey , LNK , Kellaw , Yenniedoll , Xjion , ShuFen
Wow, if i want to give, there are a lot.. so just that's all! LOLx...
Anyway, keep it up for all bloggers!

Food in Terengganu!

Yea, today post about where is the interesting place to EAT in Terengganu!
Terengganu famous with its Malays FOOD.. some are really delicious, some are sucks.. LOL!
Actually, i dun really like Malays food, BUT, I'm staying here now, got no choice in fact... haiz!

Well, now let's take a look at it location, no no, actually just the photo i snapped! LOL...
The exactly location, even i tell you also dunno, if you never been here right?

So, just look at some random views of the restaurant!
This time, finally i knew the restaurant title.. wahah! Dara Inn!
Wow, Inn? Yea, it is some kinds of accommodation place, just a restaurant beside it!
SEE? that's the place where you can stay with CHEAP rate, but dunno how much.. =.-=
Look at the table and chair, like that traditional one, LOL!!
Now the menu, every food cost rm5.00 and above, is over the average price in normal stalls, but, it is restaurant with no air-con.. ZZzz
Click on it to enlarge to see it clearly!
The inside view, the restaurant is d@MN small.. lol!
Now the food.. erm, is not bad actually but the service was totally CRAP.. i got my first disk, then after 20 minutes the 2nd and 3rd disks for my friends came, then more 20minutes the last 2 disks came.. WOW.. we waited till wanna DIE... SUcks..
It is not very hygiene at there also.. can you see the cat? LOL... after the customer gone, the cat came.. WTH!

Lastly some random views from the restaurant!
The short shop lot!
That was we were very lucky, because we saw some horses.. LOL!
There is a children playground in front of the restaurant!

Yea, that's all for today!
stay TUNED!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Bowling STYLE Review.. you should learn from them!

Today post will the the bowling style... some are very professional and some are... LOLx...
My friends will demonstrate it...
Prepare yourself...

This one is weng a blogger too.. he has the most professional bowling style, among all my friends.... see it yourself...
Look at his face, erm, cant strike.. wahaha!

Now, this one style lose to weng, but, he can play with such a HIGH score.. he's quite steady with every SHOT....
His name is fauzee, also a blogger...
Next, Kokyee, also a blogger, LOL... this is the bowling style that i never seen... LOLX....
Comment it...
Then, kokyee Girlfriend... Looks like dropping the BALL instead of SHOOT it... LOlx..
Lastly, mr. JJ, also a blogger, but kinda passive... long time he didn't update his blog!
He has the HILARIOUS style.... just take a look....

Yea, that's all!!
After all, weng still has the most Beautiful and Professional style.. hahas!! keep it UP!!

Please comment yea!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Movie review - Outlander!

Just now i was watching OUTLANDER!
Erm, not bad i think...

Well, i have captured some fantastic views, just take a look!

The first MAN landed on earth from the universe..handsome har? Lolx..

Meteorite?The terrible creatures landed together with our main actor, from the universe!
Take a clear look at it...
The creature's mouth... HUGE>....
They trying to capture the creature and BOOM it, but failed...
Looks like a dinosaur?
Wow, the girl is beautiful... i like it!
ARG.. Romantic ending.. i wanna kiss her too.. :(!!!

Yea, that's all!
stay tuned!!