Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Is been sometimes since last posting on my blog,
Not because I'm busy, but just simply lazy.

My holiday just lasted for 3 days, a very very short holiday!
But now, at here(Terengganu) i still having my holiday, just meaningless!!!!!!!

Well, there were nothing much things that I have done during the 3 days holiday!
Actually, that holiday was mainly for my brother convocation@Unimas.

Sadly, i do not have the photos of it, i just got the photo of my friends convocation.
HOW BAD...............

During my holiday, i went shopping alone, because all of my friends busy with their own stuffs.
Sometimes shopping alone also nice what? lol...
Can buy whatever you likes, you wants ..... no ppl will give you comment.

I also have watched a movie with my internship colleagues, G.I Joe! midnight show!
That movie was not bad, but just d@MN sucks! the fighting scenes are still acceptable, just not too real, look like fake one.. LOL! I wonder why a lot of people like it sooooo much! =="

Hanging out with friends, talking nonsense, that's my favorite, LOL!

Well, after attended some friends convocations, i felt that convocation is not FUN at all.
Maybe is because i do not have any special feeling on it, convo or not, are the same for me!

I knew why many people like to convo, because it is the end of University's life! except if you wan to further to master degree.
Their hard-works, their efforts, and they put everything just to graduate with so called "FLYING COLOR RESULT"
Well, is not all of the university students are like that, but mostly i think...

I am different, i never put any effort, hard-work, or anything for my result!!
For most of the time, i just simply answer the exam questions with no high expectation to get "A"
maybe is because i really do not know why I AM HERE?

Sometimes, i will try study a bit, just to win the others, defeat the one that i hate, dislike!

ERm, just forget that! LOL!

That's all!!

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ladyviral said...

Convo means after all the hardship of studying in the years, finally you graduated. Graduation is another good thing because it means we pass! So convo is good for the one who graduated :P.