Sunday, September 13, 2009

Mesra mall - Kerteh

Mesra Mall, known to be the biggest shopping mall on east coast of malaysia, located in kerteh, Terengganu. It was opened on 10 October 2008.
They described Mesra Mall as "Pearl of the East and a prominent shopping complex in the East Coast that opens its door to the entire family and also people from all walks of life".

I have been there for two or three times, but sadly the entertainment section is still under construction.
The second time i went there was on July this year, expecting to watch a movie there or play bowling, but, when i walked to the movie and bowling section, it written "COMING SOON".

Well, just forget that.
Now, share you some informations about Mesra Mall.

First of all, how to get there?
Below is a brief map showing the road to Mesra Mall, i think it is very easy to get there.
View from the outside, it is very very "LONG", the entrance is at the middle.
Entrance of Mesra Mall. Opss, my finger covered the bottom left of the photo, LOL!!!
From the inside. There are many famous shops inside Mesra Mall, like Giant hypermarket, Giordano, Secret recipe, Carlo Rino, and etc.
Burger King also can be found there..
Now move to the entertainment and sport section. This is the inner part, which is the sport center. You can find squash, Futsal, and etc.
This is the cinema and U-Bowling section, but still under construction. Last time they promised to open in mid of 2009. But now 2009 almost ends, still haven't opened. HOW SUCKS...

Well, basically, that's all.
From my observation, Mesra Mall is quite "SILENT" which means that less people will go there.
Maybe is because its location, it is easy to find indeed but it is very far. Depends on where are you at. If you are from Kerteh, of course it it near, but if you are from Kuala Terengganu, it takes about 2 hours to go there.

For more information, you can visit MesraMall website
That's all.

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Borneo Falcon said...

Wow! This mall only single storey