Thursday, September 24, 2009

Penang second TRIP~~

Well well...
Is been some times since my last update on my blog.

Today, bring to you PENANG again.

Here is the place where i have stayed for 4days and 3 nights.
This is the house.
The living room.
The bedroom size is as thrice as the bedroom on my rent house, d@Mn big!

For the 4days and 3nights, i have been to shopping, watching movies, clubbing, EAT, and .......

First of all, the Penang "AutoCity"!
What is AutoCity means?
Actually, i also do not know, LOL!!
There have a lot of different kinds of shops, restaurants, .... The design is Marvelous!!!
We can find almost everything at there.

Introducing the three g@ys~~ LOls
Stars of the day!! ~~

Erm, nothing much to post, because Penang is just like that, no more no less!!
Most of the interesting places i already posted on my older posts.........

Penang, for me is just the FOOD paradise, where you can find a lot of different TASTY food with lowest possible prices.... Night life, for those who like to clubbing! That's all!!!!

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