Sunday, February 28, 2010

First Income? NUFFNANG


Actually, i have started to write blog for some times, I think is about 1.5 years, but I just too lazy to update my blog......

Recall back, it was my roommates, WENG who taught me what is blog all about and everything about it.... including Nuffnang.

The moment I started to write, I get very excited and post atleast one post everyday. Maybe it was because I found it very interesting to let other people read what we write and to read other people blog. But, it lasted for about two month only. After that, getting lazy to update my blog.

The time I started my blog I also applied for Nuffnang which is a blog advertising community. Nuffnang will provide appropriate advertisement to your blog as long as you follow instruction correctly.
How Nuffnang pays you? Well, that one you will need to find the information on

Take a look at the photo below.
Obviously is a cheque from nuffnang.
That it the amount that I have gained from Nuffnang so far, RM99.03.
Actually, I took 2 month to gain that much then I stopped blogging already!
I am not blog for money, but for some times, I found it interesting to have little side income by just write what you want to write.

Well, lastly, just want to tell you all that, NUFFNANG really does pays you!
Hope can find the mood to blog at the nearest future!


kenwooi said...

congrats.. keep it up =)

Richard Ling said...

how u reach that amount of cash within 2 months. guide me. =(

pikey said...

keep on writing... ^^

TMUkmkd said...

your blog have been listed in