Sunday, February 7, 2010


2010 of chinese new year, how does it LOOKS LIKE?
A year different than before?
A year full of suprise?
A year with EVERYTHING new?
2010 is the TIGER year, so is it the year we are exceptionally BRAVE?

Anyway, no matter how 2010 might look like, my life will definitely change!
Because 2010 is the year i graduate from BORING university life and STEP one more step into working environment, which is the end of the world.....

Now, i got infinite numbers of FREE time and after that i think i do not dare to say i got any free times.

Now, i almost can play games everyday, and after that maybe no more games for me!

Now, i just hope that i can go home(hometown) faster and end my life at here, because it is really not easy to stay alive over here! WHY? >>
The most basic humans' needs also do not have, like cinema, karaoke, entertainment center, pub, etc.......

Actually, is it really not easy for me to go through these 2 years+ life at here, a lot of problems arose, some i did solved it, some NO!

Anyway, wish you all a very happy TIGER year!
Do not lose your courage all the way of your life.....

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ladyviral said...

Wishing you a prosperous new year too!