Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The person that i expected to be few years ago, now totally in opposite direction:

I have became someone that i myself also cannot recognize.

My thinking, my mind, my soul, is just not me anymore.

Now i am really wondering is it the good beginning or vice verse.

Same old story, i still cannot find my point yet, maybe really need to wait until everything is too late then i can understand.......

Quite miss my old friends now, but got no way to contact them due to long distance.

How realistic have i became?
What is friends meant to me now?
For whole of my life, i never meet a really so called "true friend" and i do not think i want to know what is "true friend" as well.

For me, friend is just a tool, it depends on how you want to use anyway!!
When 2 person or more meet at same place and same time, they are friends. When one or more change or move to other place, they will find a new group or so called "friend" there. Pretty true huh?

Maybe that is called "LIFE" which nobody can avoid.