Monday, June 13, 2011

Because i know non of my friend will read this blog, so i decided to treat this blog as a "partner" where i can share my feeling.

I am getting emo and emo since the day i left my family where it was 4 years ago....

When the time i stepped into working society, i faced a drastic changes in my life, the changes include

the way i talk,
the friends i make,
the places i go,
the food i eat,
the way i behave,
the thing i am thinking,
the way i look at other people,
the way i treat other people,
the way i treat myself,

more or less like that..


no matter how hard i tried, i still cannot change my idiot "SOFT" heart...
i give myself 4 years already, still fail... WTH!!!
i have to admit that i born with that kind of heart, no choice.....

soft heart has other meaning, CRUEL...
i do not know whether is it true or not, soft hearted person when they face disappointment, they will become CRUEL, means no heart at all...... THAT'S ME!!

i can give up everything to fight for the thing i want!!
so far never happen before because i do not know what i actually want .. =.=