Thursday, July 9, 2009

PizzaHut@Kuala Terengganu

Well, just now i went to pizzaHut with my housemates for our dinner!

This time, the restaurant looks sucks if compare with last time i went there, which was last year!
Actually, there is not much changes on the restaurant's environment, just the waiters different!

Their services were totally slow.... Just like they never care about us, when we want to order we still need to shout at them.. d@Mn! If continue like this, one day sure meet the end of its business one..

This is the scene when we walked in the restaurant, there was nobody around, except the waiters and us... TOTALLY EMPTIED!
After that, the waiter asked us to change table, because they were doing the cleaning work at there, WTH?
What to do? WE just changed lor..

Take a look at the photos below!
Very empty right? Ghost restaurant? Maybe really open for ghost de! Chill~~

Time to take order..
Wow.... How serious when looking at the menu, got gold inside? LOL!

Lastly, That's me!!!
That's all


Independent Queen said...

Another few months the restaurant will dao bao.

Borneo Falcon said...

If you not happy with Pizza Hut service, file your complain via their website. I had similar experience when in Miri and receive a personal call from the area manager a few weeks later

彩虹王子,joel said...

complain lol