Monday, July 6, 2009

Terengganu life again..

See, tow months is just passed like that, and now I'm in the university again.. LOL!
That's why i always saying that, time is as gold, once passed, never comes back!

Now is the time i really gone back to blogger's world, because at here, i dunno what can i do other than blogging and study...

The life here is totally different from the life in my hometown, where i can go out freely.. Here, even though i got my own transport, but i just dunno where can i go, no entertainment at all.......

Last time, when the stadium still around, i still can consider to go play Bowling, but now... the stadium collapsed..really sucks!!
Take a look... stupid one... sad!

Well, i think that's all for my first post tonight....
stay tuned!