Wednesday, May 13, 2009

EveryWun.. what is that? But, please read it!

I received an e-mail this morning from
I also do not really sure what the e-mail all about!
Maybe just let you all read it!

Hello Friends,

I need twenty seconds of your time to do something fun, costs nothing, and
supports great causes!

I recently joined an incredible new website called, By having
businesses sponsor advertising, they enable people to take fun, easy,
cost-free actions on behalf of charities.

One of the easiest actions I can take is to enable my network of friends
and family to do the same! Every person who joins will automatically
receive 100 "Everywun credits" that can go towards planting a tree, feeding
children, or donating books! If you use my personal invitation link
provided below, I'll also receive 100 credits to plant a tree!

Link here

Must click the above link so that i can get 100 credits so as you!
Without the credit, i cant put any help in it :(

PLease, give support to them!
Not for their own good actually, we do that for our earth!
Remember that, we are staying on the EARTH, so please show some LOVES in it!

EveryWun, making giving possible for everyone!

Make your choice!