Tuesday, May 5, 2009

my first task ...

AFter a week, my supervisor finally assigned me a task.. software testing!
WOW, what is that?

From its name, i guess it should involve test test test thing right? software testing mar, sure test the software la.. LOL

But how?

My task is to write a procedures to test a software before it can be published!
Wow, i have searched all over the net, but only few information i found.. d@MN!

roughly i need to create a form, to test certain software, the form is actually the step, i think!
Today, before 5pm, i have to show my supervisor what i have done.. Hopefully i can make it on time!

Now, about my blogging time again.. ERM!
Yea, my internet connection also fixed, maybe still need one or two days, then i can write blog at night! Wahaha!

I got so many thing to post, just cannot post in the office.. haiz!
NVM! the time almost come.. be patient!
That's all, still have to rush my TASK!


Susan said...

There are a few types of testing which is available:
1. Unit testing is done by the developer when they code,
2. System testing is done to test the system performance (load test, stress test,security etc.),
3. functional testing is to test the system whether its meeting all the requirements
4. Integration testing to test integration of different modules and to third party hardwares

The form which you need to develop is known as test cases in which you need to develop depending on your user requirements specification

Anyway, just my two cents, hope it helps

e l d y said...

wow .. sound interesting .. I mean the task .. I got no task to do MAN .. boring ..

I do the task 4 u lah .. hahaha

pikey said...

seems like u r already into the software development industry.

Anonymous said...

all the best! =)