Monday, May 11, 2009

TMnet - Streamyx

Well, my bro passed up the streamyx application form since last 2 week, but till now hasn't FIXED yet...! d@MN!

Sometime i really wondering why, WHY TMnet service getting SUCKS... and yet never improve!
I think Tmnet streamyx is the most lousy internet connection i ever SEEN.
For town area maybe still acceptable, but for rural area it really sucks!

If you apply the stremayx 1mbs package, maybe the internet connection you can have is just less than 50kbs sometimes! Really sucks right? But sometime the download speed fast, up to 230+kbs MAX.. Is it fast? The package download speed is 1mbs, but the MAXIMUM that we can use is just 230+kbs? WOO...

Maybe i should go for other broadband services, like celcom and maxis! But those are wireless broadband, sometimes unstable also.. haiz!!

NOw, what i can do is just wait and wait and wait.. LOL!!

Well, that's all!
Even though nothing to do now, but cant write too long!!
No pictures very sien de.. wait i go internet connection then i upload some pictures.. HAHA!


pikey said...

Poor you... it happened to me before and I complained till to the corporate office at Cyberjaya.

Tekkaus said...

Well...Streamyx wor! What do you expect? Ha :D

HanLun said...

is like tat

used of it d

ZZZManZZZ said...

1mbps streamyx is jus a conection speed... so a 50 kbps is quite ok already but the 2++ kbps is good man.... actually we cant find a good and satisfy connection in malaysia.... agree?

ladyviral said...

Streamyx? TMNet? lol
I have been through that.. took them forever to come to me. Even now, my connection is going down the drain. It gets disconnect oh so frequently.. I will soon be making another complain. Crappy Malaysia Internet. Maxis broadband isn't all that good. My brothe ris using it, he says it disconnects alot. Well, what to do? Wireless mar.

Borneo Falcon said...

Inilah Malaysia.... Ha...Ha...