Friday, May 15, 2009

My Internet connection is back!! LOL

Finally, i got my Internet connection back last night!!
I set it up by myself, with the help of my BRO!
We did not ask the help of the technician, because i think if want the technician comes, we might need to wait longer... LOL

At first, i have failed many times to set the modem up, d@MN!
I followed exactly the instructions, but still failed...
Last last no mood to set it anymore, and just left it there..

Then i asked my bro, "have you sent the activation sms to Tmnet?"
he said yes...
But i still no mood to set it up!

Until my bro was back, around 10pm+, then we tried together! Follow the instruction again, still failed. WTF!! At that moment, i really want to BOOM the TMnet......

Lastly, i followed my OWN way to set the modem and other configurations up.
Also failed!
Obviously, when i take a look at the troubleshooting, i found out that i forgot to set one thing, the most important thing... THE COMPUTER DNS SERVER..WOW!!

After i set the DNS server on my laptop, the problem was solved! d@Mn.. Took my 4 hours, doing nothing! LOL!!!

Then, i simply online till about 2am, d@MN, too late!!
This morning overslept...
Then i straight brush my teeth and wash my face then go work liao!
NO breakfast.. d@Mn shiok!!

That's all!!!


leechon said...

hey how u did ur header?

it's cool!!



Raymond said...

Congrats!!! Back to online life!!!

Loke said...

internet is now most people's second life. :)


Loke said...

internet is now most people's second life. :)


silveraven said...

new blog design?? wah, open so many blogs liao! so where to link you le?