Thursday, April 30, 2009

My new blogging time..

I was in the office since last monday, so, blogging time also changed a lot!

Actually i'm waiting my streamyx to come.. LOL!
Now, i cannot write or read any blogs at night, because no internet connection at home yet. aiks...!
But, it will be over soon, as long as i got my streamyx, LOL!

Now in office, do not know want to post what also, all my information left in my laptop.. Now using the company dekstop.. d@mn slow! =.=

What to do? office's life sucks!
everyday got nothing to do, just online and help colleagues do a bit work.. WTF!!

Everyday from 830am to 530 pm.. do nothing! lol
Maybe it just the starting la, maybe next week will be more busy, hopefully!

that's all!
Dunno want write what, bcoz dun hv the mood!


Anonymous said...

all the best in blogging =)

Puiyee said...

ewww..such a boring life u facing..cheers..;p

Wilson Ng said...

Keep on blogging mate!