Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Final on the corner!!

Is almost the end of the semester and i got one more semester to go, how fast?
I have been here for almost three years and my Univeristy's life almost ends...

Just like a blink of eyes, and my final examination is on next week.

Time always passing without any stop point, we cannot rewind the time not stop the time.
We are getting older everyday day but we just never realize that.
Until someday, when you look at the mirror, and you will know that you are old already.

One year, two years, .. ten years is passing by all the time.
And by that time you will like to use the words, "The time when i was young......"

That's the routine of our lives and nobody can change that no matter how advanced you are in technology nowadays.
We live to communicate, enjoy, ..... die. That's the thing that can across my mind all the time!!!

Basically, if we are not religious, then life is just all about ENJOYING!!
If you are religious, then you will have fulfill something according to your religion!!

But, think back, if one day you die miserably, would you satisfy with you life?
But, after we close our eyes, I really got no idea what is going to happen next? or just close like that, nothing gonna happen and it just we have a sleep that never ends?

Opss, I have go too far, erm talk about my final examination! LOL

Let's get back to the topic, FINAL!!
OMG, I really not yet prepare for that.....
But my final timetable really sucks wat?
27th October got 2 subjects then rest for almost 2 weeks for the next subject on 9th November.
And lastly my last subject is on 11th November and after that, I'M GOING HOME, YAY!!

Waiting that day....
Cannot everyday update my blog before 12th November....
That's all!!