Thursday, October 22, 2009

Mt. Santubong, Sarawak

My last hiking was on Jun,2009 if not mistaken, with my internship colleagues. Well, that was my fourth time to the submit of Mt. Santubong, and i think it was the most painful one, LOL!! Because it took about 4hours+ to the summit.

They are my colleagues. The photo was taken at the starting point, actually there are two different starting but lead to the same summit. One of the starting point, takes longer time to reach the summit, which is the one that we chose.
If you chose the longer path, you can see a waterfall look like below.
Sometimes, there are people bathing at there, because the water is very refreshing and clean!

Mt. Santubong, you will have to across several peak, before reaching the summit, so there are a lot of UP and DOWN during your hiking.
This is the longest ladder, kinda dangerous!

What you can see at the summit.
A view like this and if it is not a cloudy day, you can see the Sarawak river and Kuching city(with a binocular) clearly.
The statue, but I do not what is that for? Maybe it was leftover by the Japanese at the past, or just as a memory of somebody, who knows? I forgot to read the description.
The funny thing is, we 8 persons went hiking together,but just 4 persons reached the summit, of course i was one of them, LOL!!
This is what happen if there is girl in your team! LOL!! But the most funniest thing is, three boys cannot reach the summit. How sucks.....

That's all.
Stop blogging for few days as a preparation for my final examination!!