Friday, October 9, 2009

MY new iPod!

I think everyone would like to have an iPod same as me too!
The iPod that I am talking about is not a real iPod as the one you use it to listen to music everywhere, but......

Well, Take a look at the left panel of my blog.
Found something light blue in colour?
Something looks like the one below:

YAY, That is my new iPod bought from, it does not cost me a cent, just simply register an account will do.

Basically, it is a virtual iPod that automatically play music every time you visit my blog. Every time you visit my blog, a kind of different song will be played as it shuffles all the songs in my play-list.

Music can enhance our reading, make our blog more interesting and even ourselves as a blogger will more likely to post more interesting stuffs when know our blogs are interesting.

The problem, what is the suitable music? I have saved 6 songs in the mean time, but i do not know it is the suitable music for reading? So, please leave a comment on the songs that i have chosen or give me some suggestions on what kind of song is suitable.

Lastly, thanks to to provide such a great service for FREE.
Get yourself and your blog for a free iPod now. Actually, you can choose a lot of different kinds of skins provided, but i just like the iPod skin, LOOKS INTERESTING.


ladyviral said...

I don't have an iPod actually :P,.

Blackswan said...

Cool! Nice post :)