Saturday, October 10, 2009

New feature added!


Is the first picture same as the second one?
The pictures are the snapshot of my blog header before and after some changes.
Can you spot out what is the difference?

Is kinda obvious right? Just in case you do not know what is the difference, look at the top on the picture, then you can easily found the "new feature" that I added few days ago.

Have you ever heard about "Navigation"?
What is navigation means?
Well, the new feature that I added to my blog header is the navigation bar.
What is that for?

From its name, we know that it directs us to some other place.
in term of blogging or website, navigation bar is the link that we saved into another words, so that we can easily navigate or go to that link page or site.

In order to put a simple navigation bar into our blog, some skills about HTML is required. But, understanding those HTML stuff are time consuming and is not easy to write it.
So, i have decided to add "Blogging Tips" in my future post to aid you to modify your blog to a more professional blog.

Navigation bar is not just look cook for a descent blogger, but it help reader to understand your blog better. Means that they can easily access to your older post with just a click on the navigation bar.

My first post on "Blogging Tips" will be "how to add a navigation bar in your blog".
My "Blogging Tips" still empty in the mean time!
That's all!

Stay tuned......


kenwooi said...

navigation bar!
cool! =)

e l d y said...

now u serious in blogging ~ hehehe ..