Wednesday, February 11, 2009

CNY - quite sucks!!!

Well, as an ordinary human, our minds growing up every second! And the things that ever happened on us will be wiped off from our memory slowly!! From childhood to adulthood, we may face a lot of different difficulties and happiness, because those are the cycle of our lives!

This year CNY(chinese new year) 2009, seemed quite meaningless to me, i do not have the mood like past few years!

Anyway, i still found some pictures of mine taken by my friends! Just have a look!

Taken at one friend house on the 3rd day of CNY! The red colour cloth with long sleeve is me!!

They called this picture as G@y gathering! LOLx....
This one was taken by a girl when i was napping...... because too tired already, 36 hours did not have a proper sleep~~~
Same same!!

Yea. that's the end of my 2009 CNY! How sad? Erm.. actually not sad la, just just just.... dunno how to say!~