Thursday, February 19, 2009

Gain more money with A.W Survey!

Well, i just grabbed this from a blogger!
so i would like to share with you all! I do not know whether it is truly work or not, But, what's the harm if we have a TRY!
Is very easy, just click on the link below and register!!

That's what i got for 15 minutes survey!! Is d@Mn easy to get $27! wahaha!


Tediber said...

is that a company within southeast asia...coz i already lost my glitterati at nuffnang..wanna be sure.

you had had your income in there?
how much?

sabahking said...

izzit so easy can earn so many money? a bit scare it is cheating one !!

Eloise_CMH said...

Hard to believe.....r