Thursday, February 26, 2009

D@mn.. totally screw up!!

Just now having my test, and i don't even know how to do one out of three questions!
And now you guess what is waiting me?

Can you see that picture? And now you should know what is waiting me!
d@MN it, IS EGG, MAN!!

Even though I did really tried to study a bit, but still cannot answer! Was that means that I'm stupid?
Idiot? D@mn, what can i say about that?

You know what, i like to call myself 2 in 1 or sometimes 3 in 1!
What is 2 in 1? In my dictionary, it means i can do 2 things in one time!
Sometime even worse, 3 things together!!

Is that because i thought I'm smart enough? or LAZY enough?
Study, Gaming, and Chatting in one time!
Is pretty CRAZY har?
But i like to practice that!

And the consequence was what i got now!! IS THIS ->


Actually i have tried so hard to be a more hardworking , but just CANNOT!!

I also ever tried to give up Gaming, but failed!!
And i knew there is only one way i can be more hardworking, you guess what?
For the time it still remained as a secret.. so i also do not want to say it!!

Now, i assume that i have lost 20% for this subject, and 80% left!! meaning that there is no chance to get A anymore!! haiz!!
Sometime i really do not know what should i DO!

Life seems quite meaningless to me, just cannot find the point!
So, most of the time i just doing the pointless thing, Gaming!!

Should i give up my GAME once again?
I really want to know what can make me change? What can make me found the meaning of LIFE? What can make me felt that I AM a HUMAN!

I really do not know the important of study, but i quite care of it!
I also do not know whether I'm smart or stupid! But i like to be in MIDDLE!!
Too smart also not good, too stupid also sucks!!

Maybe i should say " Life is just like that, no more no less"!!
What we expect always can be UN-fulfilled....

Even though do not have any mood now, but have to eat also!! That's all!!
just give advices or comments as you like!!!