Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Something, Back in my mind!

Is been a while since i broke up with my last GF!
and now, i felt that I'm falling in love again~WTF!!

I hate love actually, it really makes me SICK! D@Mn!
I think is because every time i fell in love, I'll sacrifice some of my precious things, like TIME!

And now, the feeling is BACK!
The feeling of loving someone, hardy to resist!! GOD!
I like to be single!

Some time i try to pretend that "BOY no need GIRL" is true!
But, is not actually!

Sometimes, i really do not know what is LOVE exactly?
I have failed 3 times in love, going for the fourth?
I think the answer is "also fail"

Sounds very optimistic?
No no, i think I'm not mature enough to LOVE someone!

Haha, whatever!
Maybe I should give myself some time to THINK!

Well, please do not ask me who is she!
For the time being, no answer will be given!!!~~

Any advices?


Philip Foon Weng Lian said...

"......I like single MAN!" this true? lol

- i.r.v.i.n.e - said...

ha-ha. practice makes perfect?

ku E said...

wahhh... happy nye u... ;)

Anonymous said...

since when u got da feeling?
u got a crush on who????
tell me!!!! tell me!!!!

amenwolf said...

Love can never be perfect!

Once it's perfect! You'll stop loving....

Cheers! And have a fun journey on the new LoVe~~ Trip

AsX said...

Sigh, I hate to love someone too... Why this world is shaped like this...

Ashley Two Fish said...

love...the unbroken mystery in universe. with or without it, we're confused always. good luck man but give it a shot lah.