Thursday, February 19, 2009

My Terengganu RENT house!

Yea, like I promised few day ago, this post will be "My Trengganu Rent House"!!
I think you all know why i rent a house in Terengganu with my friends right? Is because in the last post, i got said that currently I'm studying in Terenganu!

Well, we rent a house nearing to our University, is only 2KM away! So, we actually can go to our University just by cycling, but seems we own a car from one of my friend, so cycling is ignored! hahas, because everyday cycling also tired!

We rent a house at one of the housing area called "TAMAN MAIDAM", is a malay words
So now let's us take a look at the house and area surrounding it!

This view is from about 300m sway form the house!

As you can see, all the house in this housing area is quite small in size right?

Now the closer view!
There is a mosque on the left side if the picture!

And now closer and closer and closer!~~

Finally, the house is just the last one on the right side row, where the white cloth guy standing there!

Those pictures were taken when i was cycling back from campus!
That's our DOOR, wahaha!~~ and that's the car "KANCIL" we usually drive to University!

There are 3 bicycles, 2 more had been stolen!

Ok, now let's see the inside of the house!~~
Firstly the living room!~~

Wow, as you can see, the living room is small and is EMPTY!
Only got 2 tables + a few chairs! We do not have any sofa set, television, dvd player and the other things that a living room should have, HOW PITY!!!~~

Luckily we still have a refrigerator and a washing machine, Wahaha!

Now the kitchen!!

Is a D@Mn small kitchen, if 4 persons go in together, they can stuck at there and cannot go out, LOLx!!!

Lastly, my bedroom!~~

Erm.. the bed room is not too small, but, 2 persons share a room making it looks small, hahas!
Inside the room i only got a computer table(laptop table more suitable, haha), a laptop, double decker bed, and a wardrobe!

Is very messed up right?, Well, that's the bed room for a MAN!! hahas!!

Yea, that's all for this post, and the next one will be "My University"!!
Remember to comment yea! hahas


KwOnG FeI said...

u r studying at?

Borneo Falcon said...

You should not keep your bicycle out there. I kept my bicycle inside my house to prevent it from getting stolen