Thursday, February 12, 2009

My Kelantan Tour last year!


Have you ever heard about the word "KELANTAN"?
For Malaysian, they definitely know what is that, but for non-Malaysian, I'll explain a bit about it! Kelantan, is a state of Malaysia, is positioned in the north-east of Peninsular Malaysia. It is bordered by Narathiwat Province of Thailand to the north, Terengganu to the south-east, Perak to the west, and Pahang to the south. To the north-east of Kelantan is the South China Sea.

The red colour one is where Kelantan situated!

Last year, I forgot what was the exact time already, i think is around the end of April 2008, with 3 of my friends went to Kelantan and I was the driver!
We started our journey at about 7pm and reached there 10pm something. Seen it was quite late and not easy to find a hotel, so we stayed over night at one of our course mate house.

On the other morning, our course mate brought us to her family farm, the following pictures were taken at her farm! -

That's me!

The farm.....~~

Who are you???? Why your smiling very very fake? Looks like forcing yourself to smile!! LOLx

After that we went to a very small Chinese's temple,

And lastly we went to visit the largest Buddha's statue in South East Asia!!~

As you can see, this sitting Buddha statue is about 30 meter high and 46 meter wide! It is the largest in South East Asia!


Next the lying Buddha statue!!!

It is not the largest in SEA, but i think it placed at second!!

Some random pictures at both of the temples~~

Me again~~~Wahaha!!

The couple sitting on one BIG glass...

Do not know what head it is!! But it looks like very very very terrible~~~~

A bird???

Do not know which stupid wrote their names on that fruit, what is the meaning?

That was me, standing near the BIG BIG wheel, LOLx!!!!

Well, if you like those things, Buddha's statue, farm, I suggest you visit Kelantan!
That's all for my Kelantan tour!
Please comment yea! haha!


Borneo Falcon said...

Never been to Kelantan and it is sure an interesting place

Bong Iz Muiz said...

sy x pnah p klantan mehhh...
tp cgu2 kat skola dlu rmai klantanese.
he3. myk cun.
sy ske dgar psal rantau panjang.
byk brg murah2.

sabahking said...

Never go to Kelantan before ! maybe go to kelantan this year since it is so interesting place !!

Group 3 said...

very nice pict that you have. what you use to take ur pict??/

Joyce said...

it's the head of buddha!!

Loke said...

wah. i didn't know there's a buddha statue in kelantan!


AnGeL On Earth said...

Kelantan is a big state. Why u didn't visit Kota Bharu? Kota Bharu is advance jor.. not a desert..

And yeah.. Kelantan has the Biggest Buddha Statue.. I'm so proud xD

- i.r.v.i.n.e - said...

what happened to the ground? ouch*

looks so disastrous

Ahmad Zaim said...

thx visit my blog. anwy, have u seen standing buddha statue? i dunno where i saw it, but it's so tall and can be seen far away.

Jolene said...

first time visit ur blog, nice blog..good job!! btw, i think the buddha got another one at penang...looks exactly the same..xD

Aj said...

i never been there but my friend Dalip Singh, is from Kelantan. There's lot Thais family in Kelantan

Tediber said...

David...thank you for following my blogs..I'd link you just right after or maybe...the thing is I never seen such a Buddha statue before.that's great.In our place we only have a secure place for Buddhist..and I've been there for once but that was ages ago..i forgot everything...

Kellaw said...

david you know you can go inside the sleeping buddha statue. i know the head the temple actually. hahaha. i used to stay in temple during my study days. hahaha

d2z said...

kelantan..i think, the food is very nice and the people is friendly..

Greg Wee said...

Hi David. Photo No.4 looks like you've just sucked dry every last drop of water in Kelantan into your butt. :) Just kidding.

VH said...

Not been Kelantan yet. But planning to go Pulau Perhentian soon.