Saturday, February 21, 2009

The eighth wonder of the world!! Only in Malaysia!!

I think you all know what are the seven wonders of the world right?

Well, those are the Great wall of China in China~

Chichen Itza in Mexico~

Christ the Redeemer in Brazil~

Colosseum in Italy~

Machu Picchu in Peru~

Petra in Jordan~

lastly Taj Mahal in India~

And now the eighth wonder of the world, which only can be found in Malaysia~

Firstly the plant is implant with HELMAT!!!

Ehh, realy don't know how to describe this one, LOLxx...

Look at the DIRECTION lines on the road, and this possibly lead to an accident`~

See what is in front the main gate of the house, how the car can go out?

Wow, this is the greatest car that i ever seen, by using a chair to replace the driver seat!!!!~~

Do you think that there is not rubbish BIN provided?~~

YEA, Now you actually can see that what is the situation in Malaysia!!
Wahaha!! please comment yea!!


Anonymous said...

Only In Malaysia Mah! Very smart people.

Borneo Falcon said...

Wow! Malaysia really "boleh"

M I A said...

visited (:

hahaha Malaysia always Boleh!!

Jac said...

brilliantly put ;)

David said...

thanks for u all comments, hahas

Charmaine said...

Yea Malaysia Boleh!
Let's be proud of it!

Xjion89 said...

haha, tat only can be found in m'sia/

Andrew said...

hahaha.... LOL =D damn farnie.. ROFL

Aisyah~ said...

hey david yeah we could exchange links
BTW this post is very funny,especially the road direction thing :D

Baby said...

where is tat pole? in front of the house? who's the clever idiot who put it there?

exchange link? sure!