Friday, February 27, 2009

Only in Pakistan!~~

I found some brilliant pictures which only can be found in Pakistan!

Now let's take a look!!

The first picture showing a SANDAL, but, have you ever seen a NOKIA brand sandal?
For the time, i only knew Nokia is for HANDSET!! lolxxx

Now the Doctor SHIT.. Omg, such a great NAME!!

Doctor ALI BABA? wahaha!!

See what the soldier doing? are they finding CHICK to shoot? so called chick point?

Is this the carefour?? sounds same?

Can you ever imagine that how a shop can open 25 HOURS?

Teksi? Taksi? are they the same? lolxxx

press up to go up? press down to go down? isn't it vert obvious? still need to give warning there? Scare people wan go up then press down? lolxx~~

Wow, see this Mercedes, how big is the star!!

Wow, what was that guy doing? is that his HELMET?

that's all!
Have a great time yea!!