Monday, February 9, 2009

My House!

I'm BACK!!~
This will be the new updates on My house like i promised before, a bit late because lazy write blog for sometime, haha!!
Just take a look, is nothing special i think!

Now, the first view...
From the outside, is actually consists of two houses as you can see!
one is for me and the other is for my brother, wahaha!!
the one at the back is my house!

When you first walk into my house, you'll see these things, Sofa, coffee table, television, Hi-Fi system and a fan all in the living room, just like a normal house right? i think so, But, for me the living room is quite small...

Clear view of the sofa set and a moderate speaker in front~ HAHA!!

Another view of the living room!!

This is the kitchen with the dining table! And at the back there is bedroom door!

Well, Now let's see my bedroom!!

A single bed of course, because I'm still single!
As you can see, the room is quite messed up! Well, for a normal boy, this kind of room can be found normally i think!! LOLx... Anyway, as long as it is comfortable, then can call it "GOOD BEDROOM"

Inside the room, there two tables, one computer table and one study table. Actually, the study table is for my laptop table! The desktop more nice, got graphic card, LCD monitor and a moderate speaker with WOOFER!! haha!

This one just another view of my bedroom!

The house was designated and built entirely by my Bro and My dad, so, i would like to take this opportunity to thank them, hopefully they will know! Thank you!
End of my house!