Sunday, March 22, 2009

Come on, more foods from PENANG!!

Today bring to you, more foods from Penang!
But, most of the food names, i can not remember it, Lolx...
Whatever, just take a look at the FOLLOWING FOODS..

This one is, Ehem, dunno how to say! lol.. sorry man! didn't remember the name!
Anyway, it look nice! BUT, not tasty for me.. lolx..
Now this one, Erm...
Next, this one, is kinda "KUEY TEOW" thing, i think! Very tasty de~!! also dunno the name!
Yea, this one i know!! is "PAN CAKE" ! hahas! finally got one food i knew the name!
As you can see, this pancake is very very special, inside got four different flavors!
From the left, egg, chocolate, bananas, and lastly forgot what, LOL!!
The pancake is very very delicious...
Let me introduce you the shop, where you can find such Pancake in Penang!
Well, the easiest way is, just call 012 482 1077, Lolx...

Yea, that's all for today FOOD!
Enjoy yea!

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pikey said...

the first one, is it chee cheong fun with shrimp paste ? Looks like one.