Friday, March 6, 2009

Penang TRIP, day 1~~

Well, finally, I'm back from penang!
Actually, i just went there for 2 days and 3 nights!
As usual, I was the driver again, do you know why i like to be the driver?
Lolx, because i DO NOT like to sit behind, it makes me feel dizzy! hahas!

Ok, continue with my trip!
Why i said i just IN Pulau Pinang 2 days 3 nights?
Lolx, because we started driving tuesday afternoon, took about 7hours, reached there by night!
Then we came back here by today morning, so just 2 days 3 nights, hahas!

For the first night, after we threw our luggages to my friend's relative house, we went to KaraOK! We were not afford to take any picture yet, because my friend camera NO BATTERY, LOLX!

Erm.. Luckily i still got my handset, so used it to take some view of the Penang's bridge!
But it is not very clear!
Just take a look!~

These 2 pictures were taken in the CAR!!~

Well, That's all for DAY 1
Next post will be Day 2!!