Friday, March 20, 2009

Step up - movie review! D@mn nice!

Just now i was watching Step Up!
D@Mn, it was really a great movie+a bit funny! Lolx...

While watching it, i have captured some FRAMES, let's take a look...

Wow, how beautiful is the main actor... Laura!!!

This one also the main actor, taylor!.. (maybe spell it wrongly, lol)

This one nice.... The small girl, LOLX..!!

Now let's take a look at some ROMANTICS and ACTION scenes!

D@mn, i like this one, HOW SWEET, LOlx....

That's all!!
Hope you like it! But i really like Dancing type movie + comedy, lol!
Anyway, i like HORROR movie the MOST!! I still searching for a such movie that can SCARE me!!

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Vincent said...

Just watched it? I watched too many dance movies till I get all of them mixed up. Step Up, Take The Lead, You Got Served, Stomp The Yard and I think there are still others.. lol.