Monday, March 2, 2009

D@mn Funny.. CHina Stuff!

WAH, i Found these pictures in one of my e-mail, is totall FUNNY man!
Now, we see how THEY translate Mandarin into ENGLISH!

The first picture, FUCK goods? i think is DRIED good! lolx

One time SEX thing? WTF!! It should be, thing that only can be used once!

Wow, i never know alien did really INVADED Earth!

FUCK the fruit? how did you do that? OMFG! Actually i also don't know how to trnaslate this one!!


JIN MOUTH? Entrance please!! Zzz

Just read, and compare the translation!! LOL..

This one nice, Only MAN are allow to apply! What about WOMAN?

Wahaha.. that's all!!
Well, this post is just for FUN, and please do not think that Chinese ENGLISH is like that WEAK!!


AnGeL On Earth said...

haha... very funny but is it true? xD

I've added ur link to my blogroll ^^

Aisyah~ said...

hi david i've linked u :)

Sophia Chu said...

lol.... but, if you want to understand it, you have to know how to read it.... :)