Wednesday, March 25, 2009

How's Malaysian do business?

This is the conversation with pictures between the Man that want to build a second bridge on his country with the businessman from other countries, Korea, America, and Malaysia!

Firstly, the Korean businessman!
He said " I build the second bridge for 30K, where 10K for materials, 10K for workers, and 10K for profit!" !

Next, the American businessman!
He said " i need 60K! Where 20K for material - America produce high quality material, 20K for worker - American workers are excellent, 20K for profit- America has high living standard! "

Lastly the Malaysian businessman!
He said " I need 90K for constructing the second bridge!"
That man get shocked and asked " Why that expensive?"

Wondering why?
LOLx... Let's see!

After that, the Malaysian businessman said " I take 30K, you take 30K and the remaining 30K give Korean build the second bridge!" !

Wow.. Malaysia very very SMART har?
That's all, Enjoy!


leechon said...

hahaha....smartest malaysia

Anonymous said...

Chup, that is not msian businessman. Thats f*king msian politician monopolizing the country's growth

ZZZManZZZ said...

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pikey said...

HAHAHAHAHAA... so farneee..

Aisyah~ said...

hahaha not bad.

Anonymous said...

typical malaysian joke =P

BD Fabregas said...

soooo smart.. malaysia is the best..

ameagor_thenny said...

btw i think you're short of one zero for the Ks.
300k, not 30...

Aisyah~ said...

oh yah i'm doing fine actually thx for dropping by haven't been updating my blog cause too busy hehe :)