Thursday, March 12, 2009

Penang TRIP, day 3~~ (Penang bridge)

Well, today my post will be " penang bridge " !!!

For your information, the length of penang bridge is 13.5 Kilometer or 8.4 miles!
It is 33m above water level and its tower is 101.5m above water!
It was built in 1985!
Lolxx, i haven't born yet!!

Ok, now take a look at the following pictures.....
This one shows only half of the bridge..

Middle of the bridge...

Another half of the bridge.. i cant take the full length one, too LONG! hahas~~

Just another view..

From there, you can see the aeroplane...

All of those picture were taken from the coast near the bridge, where the Queensbay mall situated!!
Next, the picture og my friends and i.... near the coast!!

That's me.... hugging the coconut tree.. hahas!!

See what that couple was doing... the boy hand.. LOLx...

OMG.. look at that pervert... lol, just joking!!

Yea, possibly i was the smartest one... if compared with the one with BLUE shirt...

Well, is me again! Of course right. this is my blog.. wahahas

Hahas.. that's all!!
Next bring to you... don't know what yet.. surely is about penang, maybe is the famous hotel.. lolx...

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