Thursday, March 19, 2009

UMT hostel!

Today me post will be the hostel in UMT!
What is UMT? lOlx... is stand for University Malaysia Terengganu, an IPTA in malaysia!
IPTA is the government university of Malaysia!
UMT is located in Terengganu! LOL, of course la, from its name also know!

That's where i'm belong now, studying here! sucks... taking Mathematics course, lolx!!

I cant post whole UMT in one post, so i separated it out, firstly the hostel, then main campus and etc....

Ok, lets take a look at UMT hostel...
It is divided into new and old hostels, and now is much more different from the date i took the following pictures..

This one was taken from my room! For the first year in UMT, i was staying in hostel!
And the view from my room was the girl's hostel.. LOLx!!

This one also the view from my room! As you can see, there is a basketball court in the central of all blocks!
Even though is called basketball court, but it is use to play FUTSAL normally, lol!!

Now the new hostel, which is now used as boy's hostel!
BUT soon it cant be used anymore, because it going to COLLAPSE! OMFG....
The wall begun to CRACK!! The construction maybe got some mistake or what, wth!!
This is the night view

Now look at the cirlces in the picture below!
RED color showing the new hostel!
GREEN color showing the under construction UMT stadium, which approximately will be done this year!
Pale BLUE showing the UMT Health Center, which is also under construction now!

Yea, that's all for UMT hostel!!

I serve for UMT!


pikey said...

Ohhhh.. nice campus site u got there... I wonder if it's near the T'gganu beaches too... it will be jz perfect :P

Borneo Falcon said...

Interesting. Show us the hostel room

Philip Foon Weng Lian said...

lol..Just a few minutes and u will reach the for falcon, after u have seen the hostel room, u wun feel like coming

Borneo Falcon said...

Then take photos of the hot chicks there. He....He....