Sunday, March 22, 2009

Dj Cammy, Raver Fantasy, D@MN GREAT techno!

Yesteday, when i was searching for new techno in youtube, accidentally i found this techno..
Wow, after i listened to it, i felt it was really GREAT!

I have searched this kind of song all the time in my entire life!
Some times really do not know why i like Techno the most....

Let's listen to it!! Enjoy!

Well, when i was in bad mood, Techno makes me feel " i am the one " !
And, unconsciously i will forget all the thing happen around me for a short period of times!
Wow, interesting right?

You have to TASTE the feel by yourself, nobody can tell!
Well, that's all!
Techno is not recommended for all people, some can not accept it!
For youngster, it will be the best choice, that's just my opinion!