Sunday, March 8, 2009

Penang TRIP, day 2~~ (Kek Lok Si temple)

Well, today is the update for Kek Lok Si temple!
From Bukit Bendera, we just need about 10minutes to reach Kek Lok Si temple!

There are two parking areas, inside the temple and the other one is at the top of the hill!

Now, take a look at the following pictures!

This is the first thing you can see if you park your car inside the temple!

As you can see, there is a road heading upward on the left, that's the road will guide you to the second parking area!

We were climbing up toward the pentagon, firstly we turned left and the road was closed, LOlxx.. Then we turned right, and reached another area, next picture!

This is what you can see, after turned right from the stair!

Well, my mandarin is not very good, so i don't think that i can translate those words.. Lolxxx!

But, from my observation, all those words are GOOD one!

This one, Erm... The two BIG BIG words mean prosperity, if not mistaken!! hahas

OMFG, i really don't know how to read those 2 words!! Even my hands are pointing it! lolx...

After walked through all of that, we reached at the small temple!
This is the VIEW!!

We were taken a photo in front of that small temple!
Actually, there are a few small temple around that area!

Just the statues!

Now, the best part!!
Next, we were heading to the GUANYIN statue, very big one!
By taking the first Asia INCLINED LIFT!
What was that?

OK, usually, a lift is pull up vertically, but this one is pull up DIAGONALLY!
WOW.... Let you see the picture!~~

Can you see that? the way the lift works!

Waiting lift to come!!~~

So called INCLINED lift, inside also got air-CON and there is only one floor, the button only show first floor and G-floor! LOLx.... Meaning that you only need to press UP or DOWN!

Well, this is not the free lift, you have to pay RM4 for return tikcet! That's the ticketing counter!~
That's the counter at the upside!

After you reached the TOP, where the GUANYIN statue is, you can see a lot of interesting things! Like this one, the statue for all the twelve animal in chinese!
The one that i took was the RAT!

Now the PIG! lolx...

See the DOG seat, pretty cute right? hahas

Errr.. this one is.... PIG?

The last one is me!! hahas! Sitting on the DOG!

Ok, now the best part of Kek Lok Si temple, the GUANYIN statue!
Beside the GUANYIN statue, there are two don't know what statue, acting like guarding the GUANYIN!~~

That's the another one!~~

Well, it still under construction!

Now let you see how BIG is that statue...
Look at the guarding statue, is very small if compare to the GUANYIN statue right?

Now look at this picture, see how big is the guarding statue!
Now you should know how BIG is that GUANYIN statue!!

This the praying area right in front the GUANYIN statue!

HooReii... yea that's me!!

Lastly, some views that you can see around the GUANYIN statue!!

YEA.. That's all for the Kek Lok Si temple!!
Hope you enjoy the pictures!! hahas
My next post will be the SNAKE TEMPLE!!

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Borneo Falcon said...

The place changed a lot since I visited there when I was just a kid