Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My fortune ticket!

What is the fortune?
Actually, fortune meant a lot of things, but what I'm trying to post the prediction about my future! Wahahas!

Look at the following picture!~
What the hell i was doing there?

Actually, i was praying for a fortune ticket, by shaking that thing, don't what is that, hahas!
Just don't know how to describe!
This is the fortune ticket that i got! CAN read? Lolx, the mandarin words are too SUCK, until i cant read it... Luckily i still manage to read some of those words, like the words, one, three, fourteen, blablabla... lolx..

Well, what is that fortune ticket all about?
Ehem... is not a good fortune ticket!

Now look at picture below!!

See the red circle?
Yea, it meant, even if i got girlfriend now, and also will break up soon.. LOLxxx..
But i think is pretty true la, because with my life-style and attitude now, that kind of thing easily happens!! hahas!

The others i don't know how to translate.. hahas!

Actually i didn't believe much about that fortune ticket, just for FUN only... Lolxxx...
In my opinion, FORTUNE is on our OWN hand, not the GOD decides for us, right?
That's all!!


Anonymous said...

i tot ur fortune ticket is 4D or ToTO hahhahahah

Eloise_CMH said...

arey : not 6D meh?
david : u got girlfriend now? who oh?