Friday, March 6, 2009

Penang TRIP, day 2~~ (Bukit Bendera)

Now, the first day, we were going to BUKIT BENDERA (Penang hill)!
We started our journey very early, about 8am, then reached Bukit Bendera about 9am!

Let's take a look at the following pictures!

That was the first thing we saw when reached there, the sign board! hahas!

After that, we bought tickets for rain to up the hill!, As you can see, for adult, we need RM4 for return tickets, up and down!

This is the waiting room for train~

Inside the waiting room, there is a MINI museum!

Some random views inside the museum!

MY hand pointing at the train!

About 10am, we were taken the train went up the hill!
The railway station!

The train will not take us directly to the summit, but we have to change another train at the middle of the hill, this is the transit station!

Some randoms views that you can see in the train!

There are also several stations before the summit, what is the station for? I got no idea, lolx!

Now, the view at the summit!
This is not the complete view, but just quarter of penang! The weather on that day was not very nice, so cannot take a perfect view!! :(

This one clearer! But what you can see just all the Apartment and Condominium, not the town part!

This is the view of Penang KOMTAR! The tallest building in penang!

That's me!!

Sample old train!

At there also got one Hindu temple!

Inside the Hindu temple!

I like this picture, very nice! hahas

Lastly, we took a picture with BIG SNAKE! OMFG! It cost us RM10, lolx!
See the picture, I was just touching the Snake, didn't hold it ! hahas

That's all for Bukit Bendera, next will be Kek Lok Si temple!


Borneo Falcon said...

Nice one. Always want to go to Penang Hill one day

e l d y said...

nice pics , thx for sharing...
Hahas !!