Thursday, March 26, 2009

NEW Live messenger? Lol..

Well, just now i upgraded my old live messenger to the latest one!

Even though the appearance are look more better than the old one, but the function changed a lot! let's take a LOOK!
That's what the latest live messenger looks like! much more beautiful! lol...

Now, let's see what are the changes!
Firsly, the indicators, shown in the picture below! Now they use colors to indicate you friend online, offline, busy, or away!
Green color = available(online)
Red color = Busy
Orange = Away
White = Appeared offline!

Next, the additional buttons..
Look at the red color area in the below picture! That's the additional buttons the the latest messenger! Well, it just make you easier to click or to access to the thing you need! Bravo!

This is the most interesting part..
As you can see, when i was trying to send a picture, YOU CAN SEE HOW BIG the picture shown in your chatting box .. LOLx! and if people send u a picture, you may just simply click on SAVE THE PICTURE! easy right?
Lastly, the new status indicator in messenger!
Look at the red color below, it written "AVAILABLE" which is the same as ONLINE last time!

So, i think overall the new update is "INCREDIBLE"!
If you haven't update your messenger, please go ahead! you will find it very interesting!
hahas! that's all!


Aisyah~ said...

ya the new one is cool.
but they do not have the sharing folder anymore.
so we have to actuali sent pics one by one.
abit of hassle.

HanLun said...

i think i cannot install
later my pc will lag
old pc d

Zach said...

i damn like your wallpaper.. lol..

pikey said...

Been using it for quite some time ady... nice to use... add me too lar..

Independent Queen said...

No time to chat tho... download later la...

ladyviral said...

yes it is very nice. I like how the smooth outlook of the windows is now!

And the fact we can use paper for our messenger window and it is so sweet that they automatically switch the chat windows match the color you use in your messenger window!

*likes this*

e l d y said...

ya .. me also like the latest 1 ..
look so stylish loh .. but now I still using the old 1 ..

coz I scare if I upgrade now then it can lost .. (my com always format coz always attacked virus) =.=


ZZZManZZZ said...

i am using the latest version now,its quite nice i like it ...

BD Fabregas said...

i'm not into live messenger.. i prefer skype for chatting..