Sunday, April 5, 2009

Penang update... what u can see on ferry!

Well, is been a while since my last update on Penang!
Now, back to Penang again!

And today update will be, what you can see on the ferry?

On our way home, we were board on ferry instead of the Penang bridge!
So i took that opportunity to snap some VIEWS that we can see on the ferry!

Just take a look!
Let's start with KOMTAR tower, wow, we can see clearly on the ferry!
Of course we also can see the Penang bridge...
This one, erm.. just another view of Penang island!
I saw a dunno what ship was that, so just snapped its photo.. LOlx...
Another view of the Penang bridge on ferry...
Now, this is the funny park!
A couple was trying to act as the TITANIC actors and actress acted, BUT, failed actually!
Look at the picture clearly, it is just a "salty PORK hand" act, other than the Titanic act!!
And, look at its posture, body posture.. wow, like a male dog FUCKING a female dog.. WOW!
D@mn funny!!

Well, that's all for today.. is time to study!
Wish me luck for tomorrow Exam>.. Thanks!


ZZZManZZZ said...

wat? salted pig hand? ham chu sau ha? hahahha that one u os snap

Philip Foon Weng Lian said...

i know the his name..the ham chu sau guy lol

Borneo Falcon said...

I took the ferry a few times but never saw a couple act that way. Nice shot