Monday, April 27, 2009

New life?

Finally im back... TO MY HOMETOWN! Lol..
I'm back blogging again...

Now in office, training! SAD!
This is my first day of training and my supervisor told me that just get use to your computer and there's nothing you need to do for today! aiks..

That's boring, but what can i do?

Yea, that's all for now!
In the office, not dare to post so many things, LOL!
Have to wait my streamyx done, think is around friday!


ameagor_thenny said...

you're hardcore man!
well, at least you're around to join us for some gatherings maybe.

ladyviral said...

get used to the computer for today? Did you tell him you're not familiar with new computers? :P

ladyviral said...

lol. thank you for dropping by too ^.^ Having a good day at work getting familiar with the new computers? :P

ladyviral said...

lol. and they ask you to get familiar with it? So senang lor now? ~ lol

pikey said...

eh.. where's yr hometown ?

BD Fabregas said...

i start doing my internship this june..