Thursday, April 2, 2009

Ads time..

Well, i have observed for a period of time about the advertisement on our BLOGs!
What is the time that, 100% you can see your ads?

From my observation, it is MIDNIGHT!
You can find a lot of different ads in midnight!

It is true man, in day time, sometimes i found it hard to see my ads!
Sometimes it did pop out, but most of the time, they DON'T!

So, if you want visit a blog with ads, please do it at midnight, i"m sure you can find what you want... Lolx...

My friends, visit my blog at midnight.. hahas!
And click on my ads, thanks a lot!
That's all!

Hope it will help you!


pikey said...

Well... i still dont see any extra ads in your blog even now, 1.15am. I only can alwiz see the top banner ads, Mudah.

Group 3 said...

yeah lo.. i oso dun understand why. i tot is not enough readers so the ads is gone hahahaha