Friday, April 3, 2009

Bus STOP! OMG, freaking interesting!! part 1

Well.. as for today post, ERm, let me see!!

i think you all know what is bus stop right? Not bus station Ooo?
Bus stop is a place where the bus will stop to take passengers! and as for bus station, it is place where the bus REST, LOLx....

Well, today i'm going to post some MIRACLE bus stops picture, all over the world!
Some are freaking NICE, some like shit, some like... erm..
Just see it yourself!

First of all, WOW, have you ever seen a MacDonald bus stop? OMFG
Now this one, Erm.. look like in a bus, LOLx...
OMG, what is that?

Wow, a military rally point?
Ermm.. how to describe this one?
YOu sure will be rich if waiting bus in this bus stop, a lot of money there, WTF...
A house or a bus stop? no idea!!
MY gosh, inside bus stop got air-con? NICE.. i like it!
Wow, beside the bus stop can play skate board? WOnderful!!

Well, that's all for part one!
Waiting for part 2 yea! hahas


BD Fabregas said...

really interesting bus stop..

Maya O.Z.K said...

love the McD one! u know why, lol :D

Borneo Falcon said...

Really wish we had similar bus stops here