Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Youthsays? what is that?

Today, my friend introduced me a kind of survey that can generate money for us...
Sounds interesting? OF course, is money, MAN!

This kind of stuff is very easy to play!
First of all, what you need to do is just click on the link below, then follow my instruction:

After you clicked on the link above, just register and activate you account in your e-mail.
Then, simply answer some profile surveys(questions) and you will get RM 0.70..
Even though it just a small amount, but you do nothing for that.. right? hahas!

the next thing you need to do is go find your friends to join this Youthsays and for each friend you referred using the link provided, you will get extra RM0.20!

Is also not a big amount, but if you got 100 friends, you can get RM20 already..
I do not think that nowadays youth got less than 100 friends.. bear in mind that, everybody you meet in your daily life can be your friend... That's how business done!

Beside that, there are some surveys available everyday. By taking each of the survey, you can gain RM0.15 to RM 1.00! Imagine that if you are taking 5 survey everyday, the minimum that you can get is above RM3... and IF you got time to do more, the more money you can generate!

After you reached RM50 in your account, you can request to withdraw your money using cheque, is an easy and convenient way.

So ,register now before too late, because now getting more and more people join this YOUTHSAYS survey!

Spend 1hour everyday, it maybe bring different to your future life! Think about that!!

That's all!

1 Comment:

sirei said...

but the surveys so little as shit!
can't earn much from them.