Friday, April 10, 2009

Bus STOP! OMG, freaking interesting!! last part

This is the last part of bus stop..
And this will be my first post in my NEW TEMPLATE.. Lolx...
Let's get started..

Wow, the mosque designed bus top... very sucks looking. =.=
Very colourful? like the bus stop in cartoon?
Wow, is it the leaves design?
WAH, the standing lamp and a chair.. like that also called as bus stop, lol!
This one very special.. dunno how to describe?
This is the best design i ever seen.. very special har! hahas!

That's all for bus stop update..
Stay TUNE....

1 Comment:

pikey said...

I like the colorful sofa bus stop, looks so cheerful... esp when the bus seems like not coming at all, LOL