Tuesday, April 21, 2009

10 things you should know abot life!

Life is a miracle.
There are many things that we should do and should not do!

In our lives, many things, bad or good will come toward us all the time.
Actually, everything is depends on us, on how we treat it.

Now, i list out 10 things that we should do in our lives.
Things that we should now do, think it by yourself!

Let's begins!

1) Always do the right things.
2) Try your best to avoid anything that is not useful, beautiful or joyful.
3) Always bear in mind that, no matter how good or bad a situation is, it will change one day.
4) Everything you awake alive in the morning or afternoon, always thanks GOD for it, because someone can never wake up :(
5) Deep inside our body is always happy. So, always be happy.
6) No matter how you feel, get up, dress up and show up all the time.
7) Appreciate every minutes you have.
8) Appreciate everybody surrounding you, your friends, your family, and even strangers.
9) Do not think that you are alone in the world, because nobody is alone! we all have each others.
10) For religious person always pray to GOD, for those that are not religious, be confident with yourself that WE ARE HERE for a reason.

Well, that's all that can come across my mind for the mean time!
Will have more update about that i come out with new IDEAs!

That's all for today!


e l d y said...

For religious person always pray to GOD ? -every1 should pray loh ..

For those that are not religious, be ready to pay 4ur non-religious ... hahaha ... XD

pikey said...

There are still people who don't know what is right for them and what is wrong for them...