Monday, April 20, 2009

Penang, Gurney drive!

Today i'll post about Penang again!
Ever heard about gurney drive? Gurney plaza?

Gurney drive is a street beside gurney plaza in Penang, is a FOOD paradise!
You can find a lot of different kinds of foods there! Variety of Drinks as well.
Penang "char kuey teow" , "laksa" , and ets...
"coconut milk", "tauhu fa(flower of tauhu?)", and etc

Let's take a look at some photos that i snapped during my trips to Penang...

Even though it is not what HIGH class restaurant, BUT the food there d@Mn nice!
There are a lot of STALLS selling different kinds of foods and drinks...
The building that you can see on behind is the gurney plaze.. Not so clear.. enlarge to see more clearly!
This is the street facing gurney drive and plaza, IS like waterfront, because it is all along the sea.. Is a dating paradise, d@Mn many couples dating at there... =.=
Erm.. this one is on the roundabout near gurney plaza and drive... just for decoration i think .. XD!

Well, that's all!
I still got a few post about Penang, food and interesting place to visit in Penang!
Stay Tune.....


Borneo Falcon said...

Gurney Drive is a nice place to chill out. I stayed in Evergreen Laurel Hotel last time

Chester Chin said...

love love love LOVE Penang!!!!! Borneo Falcon omigosh, you should stay at G hotel..its waaayyyy cooler!

pikey said...

Miss all the Pg food already.

Blackswan said...

The last time I visited Penang was ages ago. I've stopped visiting M'sia completely as the crime rates rise thru the years, the media reports & friends getting robbed etc. I kinda miss the shopping & food.

Great post & the place looked so safe. Thks for sharing & following Luxury Indulgence! I've joined your followers too :)